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How often should my parking lot be sealed?

Your asphalt should be sealed at least every 2 to 3 years. Sealing this frequently has proven to be an effective approach to avoid expensive repairs and maintain an aesthetically pleasing drive or parking lot. There are many factors to consider when deciding how often to sealcoat. How much traffic the pavement receives, the weather conditions, and what application methods were used when applying the sealer, are all things that can affect its longevity. True Lines Inc. can evaluate all of these factors and recommend a pavement maintenance plan tailored to your needs.

What type of sealer do you use?

STAR-SEAL® is a heavy-duty, Refined Tar emulsion (water based) sealcoating specifically designed to protect and beautify asphalt pavements. Based on carefully selected grades of Refined Tar, minerals, specialty additives and performance boosters, STAR-SEAL® has an extraordinary degree of toughness and water repellency, unmatched by any competitive sealer. STAR-SEAL® forms a tough, durable and flexible coating that protects asphalt pavements from the damaging elements of weather, water penetration, de-icing salts, traffic damage, surface raveling/checking, gasoline and other petrochemicals. with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Why aren’t there better and longer lasting stripes on the road?

Pavement markings guide traffic and inform drivers. The conditions experienced by a pavement marking, however, are extremely harsh and it can be difficult for any material to last a significant length of time. For this reason, the deterioration of pavement markings is a common and expensive problem.

What is the life expectancy of commonly used materials?

The marking materials listed above have different life expectancies. Latex-based paint, for example, can last from six months to one year under normal road conditions. Water-based paint is also expected to last up to one year, and in some cases two years, under normal conditions. Thermoplastic, on the other hand, is a more durable material, and in many areas can last several years.